Join us today for a Bakery Tour!  We’re hanging out with one of our favorite bakers and taking an inside peek at bakery life!

Butter Bakery has been a neighborhood favorite in a charmingly quaint neighborhood of Vancouver, BC for nearly a decade.  Not only does Butter Bakery itself invite you in with its instantly nostalgic pastel colors, smell of sugary baked goods and vibrant yet classic floral wallpaper, but the vintage-look cakes and desserts are reminiscent of dreamy birthday parties past, present and future – everything you want in a local bakery!  

Rosie Daykin, owner of Butter, is a wearer of many hats – baker, entrepreneur (Butter operates a marshmallow factory for their incredibly popular and pretty marshmallow treats), even Instagram guru!  Read on as Rosie shares her thoughts on the business, her successful cookbook and the fun of social media!

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